Born in Georgia and raised in Russia, Dr. Elena Ocher originally had her sights set on a career as a concert pianist; only a diagnosis of tendinitis charted a new course. On the recommendation of her father, at the young age of 16, she applied to medical school and was accepted to the prestigious Pavlov First St. Petersburg Medical Academy. There, she spent six years training as a general surgeon, which included medical service in the Russian Navy. She later furthered her training to include neurosurgery.

A medical fellowship brought Dr. Ocher to the United States, where she continued her education in some of New York City's top hospitals. She received her medical license in anesthesiology and pain management from Montefiore Medical Center University Hospital of Albert Einstein Medical School, graduating with an Award of Excellence in Cardiothoracic Anesthesia.

In 2001, she founded Dr. Elena Ocher Medical, a private practice specializing in pain management, migraines and nerve system disorders. Dr. Ocher's thoughtful approach and trusted patient relationships has made her one of the foremost pain management specialists in the New York City area. She has received numerous honors throughout her career and is affiliated with several esteemed medical societies.

"Having used the Remedea Compound my entire life, I wanted everyone to have access to its remarkable healing properties. This is why I created Chuda."

A brilliant diagnostician, Dr. Ocher's medical acumen has helped thousands of patients successfully find relief. She believes the skin offers great insight into a patient's total health and is often the first sign of a more serious medical condition. Diagnosing and treating a number of skin issues in her practice, she repeatedly relies one particular treatment to heal the skin while treating the underlying condition—the Remedea Compound.

A time-tested, medicinal compound used for centuries to heal wounded skin, Dr. Ocher grew up using the Remedea Compound to heal cuts and soothe abrasions. As a medic in the Russian Navy, she relied on its remarkable antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal burns and severe lacerations of wounded soldiers. Passionate about its healing properties, she believed the compound was something that could benefit more people.

Granted exclusive permission by the Turmanidze Company to utilize the compound, Dr. Ocher teamed up with a world-renowned chemist to create CHUDA: the first-ever skincare to combine the time-honored Remedea Compound with the most scientifically advanced, medical grade actives.

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