Sheer Hydrating Lotion SPF 30 + Everyday Exfoliating Cleanser DUO

$ 65 $ 78.50

The three most essential skincare steps—cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate—are accomplished in two. Experience soft, smooth, radiant skin with this simple, yet wildly effective two-step regimen, with the bonus of a sheer, broad spectrum SPF.   

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All Chuda products are formulated with the highest quality and most effective ingredients of their kind. We utilize both naturally sourced and medical grade active ingredients to give you the best possible results. We carefully select our ingredients based on safety and performance because we know you want and expect both. 


Medical grade ingredients are ingredients that meet the quality standards established by the government. If an ingredient meets these standards (and not all do), it receives a USP label, which signifies high purity, high performance and low irritation potential. All of the medical grade ingredients used in our products are USP verified, safe for topical use and provide proven results without any potential for irritation.


Ingredients that are naturally sourced are harvested straight from the environment to which they naturally grow. In the case of Chuda, the six ingredients that make up our Remedea Compound are sourced directly from their natural habitat, the Caucusus Mountains. They are harvested once a year, at their peak potency, for enhanced benefits that yield visible results.

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