The story of Chuda began centuries ago, when princess Medea of Colchis learned of the remarkable medicinal benefits of flowers and herbs and administered them to those falling ill.
Inspired by the creations of Medea, the Turmanidze family of Georgia continued the practice of natural healing and created their own indigenous remedies, including a powerful medicinal compound that rapidly healed wounded skin.
The compound's ingredients were harvested from the peaks of the picturesque Georgian mountains. their potency was enhanced by the mineral-rich waters that ran through the rocky caverns. the compound's exact method of formulation became a guarded family secret—and remains so today.
The extraordinary healing power of the compound spread. Georgian royals called on the Turmanidze family to cure their ailments. In the mid-1800's, italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi turned to the family to save his wounded leg. he called the treatment "miraculous."
Over the centuries, demand grew for the miracle compound, later to be called the Remedea Compound. Doctors in Georgia and Russia used it in practice, as did military medics to heal wounded soldiers with great success. In time, the Ketevan Turmanidze family developed a product line featuring the compound with distribution in Georgia and Russia.
Dr. Elena Ocher, a Georgian-born neurosurgeon trained in anesthesia and pain management, grew up using the compound at home and as a medic in the Russian navy. Passionate about its remarkable healing properties, she believed the compound was something that could benefit more people.
Granted exclusive permission by the Turmanidze company to utilize the compound, Dr. Ocher teamed up with a world-renowned chemist to create a groundbreaking skincare line.
Combining the healing power of the past with the proven science of the present, Dr. Ocher introduces Chuda: the first-ever skincare rooted in the centuries-old, skin healing Remedea Compound and boosted by the most scientifically advanced actives.


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